Borneo Barracks Golf Club will be closed today.
Borneo Barracks Golf Club will be closed today. Dave Noonan

Terror threat claims another victim

THE nation's rising terror threat has claimed another Toowoomba recreational hub, with the Borneo Barracks Golf Club to be closed from today.

It comes after the Milne Bay Military Museum in O'Quinn St and the Museum of Army Aviation Flying at Oakey were closed indefinitely on Friday.

The military museum neighbours the 210 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets' home site at the Army Reserve Centre on O'Quinn St, while the Museum of Aviation Flying is next door to the Oakey Army Aviation Centre.

Closure of the Borneo Barracks Golf Club has come about because it is within the grounds of the 7th Signal Regiment base at Cabarlah.

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A Defence spokesman would not elaborate further on the closure, instead referring to a statement released on Friday.

"As a precaution and consistent with the change of the National Terrorism Public Alert Level to high ... Defence has raised the security alert level at bases and establishments..." the spokesman said.

"Defence's protective security system caters for the unique arrangements required by Defence and operates separately from the public alert system.

"This system offers a graduated scale of security options to allow Defence to respond appropriately to changes in the threat environment."

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He said Defence personnel and their families had been advised on the likely impacts of the changes.

"However, further details regarding specific security measures and where they have been applied will not be released."

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