PICTURE PERFECT: Surrounded by National Park, the isolation of this Sandon house, up for sale, just adds to the appeal.
PICTURE PERFECT: Surrounded by National Park, the isolation of this Sandon house, up for sale, just adds to the appeal. LJ Hooker

The property making a splash with buyers

IT SEEMS people will do anything for a chance to own a beach house at Sandon - even swim across a river.

Because at an open home for one sought-after property on Saturday, that's exactly what one man did.

Others went off-roading, kayaked, or even rowed boats to view the house for sale at 1 Pebbly Crescent.

LJ Hooker property agent Ken Geise said in total, 18 prospective buyers from as far as Sydney made their way to what was one of the most unique property inspections he had organised.

Surrounded by national park at the mouth of the Sandon River, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom beach house is one of just 33 properties in the area that are only accessible by water or 4WD.

For some it might sound like too much effort, but for those looking to get away from civilisation it just adds to the allure.

A row boat was on hand on Saturday to ferry those who couldn't make their own way across the river, but most people managed to make their own way.

"When we finished the inspection we all just dived in the river and had a swim," Mr Geise said.

"It's a fascinating part of the world, you just drop back into another time. Here's this place with probably the most pristine environment in the North Coast sitting right under our nose."

Its idyllic surroundings, and the limited number of properties, make listings rare.

The most recent sale was in March last year, with the house fetching a price of about $800,000.

Mr Geise said it was difficult to say what it would take to own 1 Pebbly Cres in a rising market.

"The market is actually coming back to the coastline," he said.

"I think the key is that people who live in denser populations are starting to realise these areas very unique because there's less and less of them."

Current co-owner John Cowan said he would be sad to say goodbye to the house, which has been in his family since his father purchased the property the 1970s.

The Sydney resident has fond memories of countless holidays in their own little getaway.

"We went to Yamba in 1963 at school holidays and dad said 'blow this, let's go look at the countryside," he said. That's how we found Sandon.

"Outside our place is a five-hole golf course; you tee off at the front door and off you go. There are kangaroos, emus and dingoes. I'd love to stay there but we just don't use it any more."

A second open home for 1 Pebbly Cres, Sandon, will be held on Saturday, with the property going up for auction on February 10.