Race the Rattler winner Clay Dawson races the train in 2012.
Race the Rattler winner Clay Dawson races the train in 2012. Craig Warhurst

The Rattler is back... but what about Race the Rattler?

ATHLETICS: The Mary Valley Rattler is back on track, and one of the most iconic events in its supporting cast could also return after six years in the wilderness.

Race the Rattler, a once annual event in which local and visiting competitors would challenge themselves to beat the famous train on its journey from Amamoor to Gympie, was cancelled in 2013 due to flooding and has not been held since.

But a Rattler Railway Company spokeswoman said the potential return of the race was included in "forward planning" of "special events".

"The Mary Valley Rattler is excited to have launched just two weeks ago and has been focussing on preparations for operations and training of drivers, volunteers and setting up for systems and procedures for operation, which are now being bedded in as operations continue," the spokeswoman said.

"We will be continuing forward planning, including special events and opportunities (such as) Race the Rattler. We will release plans for these events in due course."

The spokeswoman gave no indication of when further plans would be made, or a likely return date for the race. Former participant and Gympie man Adam Cross previously said he would "love to run against (the Rattler) again".

"It's been good for the community, getting people involved. It's got people from out of town too," Mr Cross said.