Mackay band Chasing the Jeffrey launched their debut album on Saturday at the Andergrove Tavern after years of hard work.
Mackay band Chasing the Jeffrey launched their debut album on Saturday at the Andergrove Tavern after years of hard work. Contributed

The return of pub rockers

ROCK this town has been a way of life for the blokes from Chasing the Jeffrey.

Saturday night the band released their debut album and film clip to their first single Rock this Town.

The first few lines of the single is a testament to the band's tenacity "We're gonna roll, gonna rock this town. We'll never stop, gonna stand our ground."

It has been a long two years for the band that spent most of last year in Sydney recording the album with legendary producer Garth Porter.

Lead singer and guitars Brad Geiger and Johnny Tyler with Michael Shanks on bass guitar and Michael Walsh on backing vocals and drums have proved that Mackay musicians can make their dreams come true.

"We are so pumped to get our record out there - words can not describe it," Tyler said.

"It has been a long road and lots of changes," Geiger said.

On Saturday the band launched their album to the public at the Andergrove Tavern from 6.30pm, where they performed some of their songs from the album, with the help of local bands, Luke and Josh Geiger and EJ Barker Band.

Tyler said the best moment in the process of the album was holding it in his hands.

"We have been listening to the songs for the past six months now.

"And constantly listening to them, we have been through the design of the album cover a million times; we have seen a thousand different wordings and photos.

"And to finally hold it and go there it is - it is nice to hold a hard copy of it."

Geiger said the band took a few risks, but ended up making the album, thanks to the support of local businesses, friends and family and the people of Mackay.

"I can't believe the support people have given us - it is unbelievable.

"Everyone has been behind us.

"We were never going to let go of the dream of making a record," Geiger said.

"We are all tenacious, we all wanted to have a record of our own so badly," Shanks said.

"It comes down to the camaraderie in the band.

"We didn't want to let each other down.

"We do spend a lot of time on the road and a lot of time in Sydney recording, so that makes us closer.

"It is a team effort," Geiger said.

Tyler said that he and the band had seen many other bands around them fold, who were in similar circumstances and they didn't want that to happen to them.

"We want to be the exception and not crumble and fail - and make it work."

Geiger said they had a good manager who kept the common ground.

"There are always going to be passionate debates when it comes to any kind of art form.

"We always come of it with a good outcome," Geiger said.

The band said professionally they were a lot more focused.

"We have management, distributors, publishers and a major producer - it has turned into a professional business," Geiger said.

"And the experience we have had with our production team in Sydney, for us it was either sink or swim.

"We realised how small town musos and blokes we were.

"We went down there and we had to grow real fast," Tyler said.

"When we were recording the album they were throwing jobs at us which were so foreign and colossal to us.

"So we stepped up and never looked back," Geiger said.

The guys said choosing the songs for the album was the most difficult thing in the whole process of making the album.

"Having to cut some of the songs we really loved that was hard.

"We tried to generalise the genre on this album," Geiger said.

"It is pub rock - you can't put it down to anything else.

"All our songs are what we do best," Tyler said.

"The first song they cut we were like, 'Oh we love that song so much'.

"And then after a while it was the right decision," Geiger said.

Geiger and Tyler said they chose Rock this Town as their debut single because it appealed to a wide audience.

It is how the band wants to be perceived - it is the first song the public are going to hear.

"It has a lighter summery feel to it," Tyler said.

"It is a song that reflects the last couple of years of the band, where we have been going to towns and rocking," Geiger said.

"We have played at so many gigs and if you get people to dance to it and sing along to the chorus you have done your job," Shanks said.

After the launch last Saturday night the guys will head on a two-month tour along the east coast, then to Hobart and Adelaide.

Geiger said the band will be driving a van, with a sound technician and support act EJ Barker Band.