Thick smoke billows over Tenterfield at the height of the bushfire
Thick smoke billows over Tenterfield at the height of the bushfire Caitlan Reid

'The shock is still raw': A powerful message of hope

A POWERFUL message has reached the hearts of many affected by the bushfires that tore through the region in October.

Posted by Julie at Dragonfly Wellbeing, the post has reached 3.8K and been shared 5.3K times.

It starts by detailing the unseen challenges that the town has been facing.

"I live in a small country town. Tenterfield," the post reads.

"Its a town experiencing the disaster of the drought and with a town water supply dwindling and expected to be gone by Christmas."

Julie details how something as normal as a shower has to be carefully planned.

She highlights how many people have to had to employ brief showers and then re-use the water for the washing machine and then have it piped into the garden as a way of combating the drought conditions.

But the real heart wrenching power of the letter comes from the exact description of how the town has been ravaged by fire twice, deeply affecting Bald Rock and then again a second time from the southern side on October 6.

"What remained of drying grass land (has) gone," Julie writes.

"Standing helpless watching was distressing.

"The shock is still raw.

"The grieving very real.

"That event has been followed by more devastating fire that has taken cattle, wild life and more property.

"The fires are burning furiously with a determination like we have not experienced before."

She praises the firefighters for their dedication and paints a picture of the scene as hot wind, smoke and sound of choppers flying above the town give a sense of the surreal conditions.

The powerful message seems to have captured the aftermath of such tragedy with a succinct brevity and earnestness.

"Yesterday as I pulled over to answer a call, I saw a man opposite sobbing in his ute.

"I've seen two men hugging in the Coles car park crying.

"I've watched farmers becoming more and more exhausted from hauling water to small mobs of remaining live stock and they travel long distances to get feed for them."

Julia reminds those in the city 'with fresh fruit and vegetables' that the town is strong and while city people may be far removed from the daily struggle facing the town many people are looking forward to the future by connecting with each other.

"We have each other and the way we hold each other is so beautiful.

"Lets not drop that.

"In fact, lets strengthen it as much as possible.

"If the tears are there, let them flow."

Julie suggests the purchase of the Tenterfield#true gift card to those that want to help.

She also suggests supporting Water for West and Blaze Aide.

Read her full post here.