Rumours swirl that a shoe thief is at large.
Rumours swirl that a shoe thief is at large. BrianAJackson

The town where shoes are mysteriously disappearing

SHOES in the Alstonville area are mysteriously disappearing, with police investigating unreported rumours of a shoe thief.

Senior Constable David Henderson from Richmond Police District said: "Someone in the Alstonville area seems to be very fond of shoes".

He said: "Alstonville police are aware that some sole-destroying heel has been stealing shoes from locals".

"A lot of reports have been made at the local coffee shop and pubs, but not to police. If you have a pair of shoes knocked off, please call the Police Assistance Line on 131444.

"If you know who may be sneaking around and stealing shoes, put your best foot forward and call Andrew at Alstonville Police on 6628 0244

Police have recovered a few pair of stolen shoes (Adidas and Vans) and would like to hand them back. If you think they may be yours see Andrew. #AlstonvilleCrime