Where's the best place to find love?
Where's the best place to find love? karandaev

The two best towns to look for love on the Northern Rivers

NORTHERN RIVERS residents looking for love can forget about using dating apps.

All you need to do is visit one of two suburbs, depending on your preferred type of partner.

Data analysed by Australia's leading demographer Bernard Salt has revealed the hotspot suburbs for single men and women aged 25-34 ("five years either side of prime, marriageable age", according to Mr Salt) living in the region at the 2016 Census.

The data revealed Murwillumbah as the bachelor hotspot, with the highest ratio of young, single men relative to young, single women.

In Murwillumbah there's 1.27 eligible young bachelors per eligible young female.

"The odds don't get any better than in Murwillumbah," Mr Salt said.


The bachelor and bachelorette hotspots on the Northern Rivers.
The bachelor and bachelorette hotspots on the Northern Rivers. Contributed

"I have been told that in relation to Melbourne's bachelor hotspot, which is west Footscray, that the odds might be good, but the goods are odd.

"The highest concentration of eligible young women relative to eligible young men is in Suffolk Park, 1.16 eligible men per eligible young male. So that's the bachelorette hotspot."

As to how to get the bachelors and bachelorettes together? Mr Salt said it was simple - the path is a straight road.

"The link between Murwillumbah and Suffolk Park is Tweed Valley Way, which I think should be renamed 'The Way of Love', bringing together the boys of Murwillumbah with the girls of Suffolk Park," he said.

And now, our work here is done.

Get out there and find your true love!