All apple varieties are sensational this time of year.
All apple varieties are sensational this time of year. David Wright

The value is back in fruit and vegies

MOST vegetables are value for money and excellent in quality, with specials on corn, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, leeks, fennel and capsicums expected throughout the week.

Cupboard staples such as potatoes, onions and pumpkins are well priced with the exception of butternut pumpkins which are in short supply and expensive.

Carrots, celery, snowpeas, sugar snaps and machine-picked beans are plentiful but handpicked beans remain expensive.

Green leafy salad vegetables are excellent in price and quality including cos and iceberg lettuce and mixed-leaf packages. Watch for the first radish bunches on the shelves.

All categories of cucumbers and tomatoes have fallen in price.

Hass avocados are cheap but of mixed presentation. The green-skinned varieties may cost a bit more but are of good quality.

Bananas are easing back in price but will be smaller in size.

The first of the low-chill peaches are expensive. Queensland strawberries, New Zealand kiwi fruit, all apple varieties and pears are sensational at this time of year.