There’s just 309 votes between the candidates in Lismore

THERE is just 309 votes in it, but sitting Lismore MP Thomas George is still clinging to power after Saturday's election result.

After the distribution of preferences Thomas George, the Nationals candidate is on 19,820 votes or 50.4% compared to the Greens' Adam Guise (pictured) 19,511 or 49.6%.

The result was updated on the ABC's election website two hours ago and is after 83.6% of the vote has been counted.

That represents a swing to the Greens in Lismore of 24%.

Meanwhile, Tamara Smith is set to take Ballina for the Greens with 82.1% of the vote counted.

She has gathered 19,163 votes or 52% compared to Kris Beavis of the Nationals on 17,685 or 48%. That's a swing to the Greens of 26.7% in Ballina.