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These towns are about to get much better mobile reception

MOBILES will be ringing and downloading for the first time in Afterlee and Grevillia with Telstra rolling out state of the art mobile technology as part of the Federal Government's Mobile Blackspot Program.

The Federal Member for Page, Kevin Hogan has welcomed Telstra's latest roll out.

"This is great news for our community” he said.

"Not only will it improve communication for our local farmers and businesses, it will also improve safety, allowing people to contact emergency services when needed”

Telstra Regional General Manager, Mike Marom said the installation of small cell technology at Afterlee and Grevillia will help deliver high-speed 4G data services in small country towns.

"Our commitment and investment into improving mobile connectivity, reliability and speed for regional and rural Australia remains unparalleled,” Mike Marom said.

"We continually see the benefit mobile coverage brings to local businesses, industries and tourism operators.

"Through the Mobile Blackspot Program, we have delivered more than 550 of 650 mobile base stations providing coverage and connectivity to towns, communities, landmarks and tourist attractions where previously there was none.”

Mr Marom said the use of small cell technology was an innovative and cost effective approach to fixing blackspots.

"A small cell is a miniature version of a standard mobile base station and Telstra is using the technology to cost effectively deliver 4G coverage to areas where existing coverage is minimal of not available” he said.

Telstra's mobile network is supported by more than 9900 mobile base stations covering more than 2.5 million square kilometres and reaching 99.5 of the Australian population.

In addition, Telstra is leading the way in preparing Australia for 5G technology - having launched more than 200 5G-enabled sites across Australia by 31st December 2018.