'Thing in the sky' just a kids project

A FLARE, a lyrid meteor shower, Dr Who falling from the Tardis and even a United State NASA rocket launch were all suggestions thought to be the mysterious bright object which appeared in Casino's sky the afternoon of April 20.

Casino resident, Josh Powell Fussell captured the brief flare, a photo which was viewed by more than 4000 people on Facebook.

St Mary's Catholic College revealed the hyped up object was a student class project.

The Colleges Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Class, have been building and launching rockets in preparation for the 2017 Australian Rocketry Challenge.

St Mary's College Teacher, Mr Matt Rolfe said last Thursday several rockets were launched.

"The students from years 7 to 12 have to design and build a rocket that will reach apogee at 850ft with a payload of a raw egg," Mr Rolfe said.

"The aim is that the rocket separates, and with a parachute, the egg and rocket have to land as close as possible to 50 seconds from take off, without breaking."

Mr Rolfe said that in the township of Casino, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority limitations allow students to launch up to only 400ft, due to the proximity to the airport.

"In order for us to experiment with higher heights we do have secondary launch sites on private properties outside of the 5.4 nautical mile exclusion zone as we need to be testing up to nearly 1000ft," said Mr Rolfe.

St Mary's STEM program is part of an initiative to ignite passion for science and mathematics.

The rockets will be on display at St Mary's Catholic College Open Night on Monday May 1, 2017.