This course wipes 20 hours off your learner driver logbook

IT'S now even easier for young people to get their driver's licence, with PCYCs across the state improving access to the Safer Drivers Course.

The course has helped more than 12,000 people across NSW get their P-plates sooner.

PCYC has now revamped its online tools to improve ease of booking and accessibility for young people.

There is now an easy-to-navigate website, a location search and answers to all the common questions.

State coordinator of driver education programs, Jenny Davidson, said with a fresh new look and increased interaction, the website provided user-friendly pages for learners, parents and even grandparents to learn about and book their safer drivers course with PCYC.

"Run at more than 60 locations across NSW, PCYC continues to be a top-two provider with the safer drivers course," she said.

"PCYC is an approved provider across all seven delivery regions in NSW.

"With the support of the NSW Driver Trainers Association, PCYC has now presented the safer drivers course to more than 10,000 learners aged between 16 and 25 across NSW."

Under the program young people aged between 16 and 25, who hold a valid NSW learner licence and have more than 50 hours' log-booked experience, attend a seminar and supervised driving session.

It earns the driver a 20-hour reduction in their required 120 hours of pre-P-plate driving.

To book a course locally, visit the revamped website at or phone the Lismore PCYC on 66216276.