A local holiday park has called on more families to bring dogs on their holiday.
A local holiday park has called on more families to bring dogs on their holiday.

This holiday park wants you to bring your doggo

WHEN the family goes away, it usually raises the question, what do you do with the dog?

In recent years, that question is usually answered by a dog ‘hotel’ but one holiday park welcoming families and their four-legged friends to holiday.

Reflections Holiday parks, which include sites in Ballina and Evans Head, are hoping to see more families bring their dogs away for an old-fashioned getaway.

“We have seen a recent increase in city based hotels promoting themselves as dog friendly and in doing so, offering everything from pet acupuncture to speciality non-alcoholic wine. With almost all of our parks dog friendly, we know what four legged companions really want from a holiday,” Jo Thomas, spokeswoman from Reflections Holiday Parks, said.

“There is nothing better than seeing dogs smile as they bound along the beach chasing the waves. You can’t get that same feel good moment from a hotel room – even if it has a dog minibar and in-room dining menu!”

Ms Thomas said with years of experience being pet-friendly, the sites were more than equipped to handle more canine holiday-goers.

To encourage more dogs, Reflections Holiday parks are offering a free pig’s ear on arrival to all dogs.

“Based on years of experience welcoming dogs to 29 of our 37 parks. We’ve seen every breed of dog enjoy caravan and camping – and we’ve also seen owners teach us a trick or two about hitting the road with a four legged traveller,” said Thomas.