Ed Pendergast keeps the OZ pig burning at the Outdoor Leisure Show in Lismore.
Ed Pendergast keeps the OZ pig burning at the Outdoor Leisure Show in Lismore. Francis Witsenhuysen

This little pig is 'the future for campers'

THE future of campfire cooking is on display at Lismore's Outdoor Leisure Show.

Once you lay eyes on this next-level invention, it's hard to keep walking. The Oz Pig is a portable heater, barbecue and stove combo and allows the travelling chef to whip up all kinds of creative dishes. Think chargrilling, camp oven cooking, barbecuing, making jaffels or pizza, and there's even a wok or rotisserie option.

Supplier Ed Pendergast said the Oz Pig's quick assembly and outdoor friendly features made it a camper's best friend.

"It really is the future for campers,” Mr Pendergast said.

"It offers smoke-free heating ... and very little heat comes out of the detachable chimney so you can use it under an annex or awning or back deck.

"It's also better than a portable barbecue because you have the heater and a stove as well.”

The Oz Pig needs about three small pieces of timber to burn for an hour and weighs about 17kg.

"People have made pavlovas on it,” he said.

"I've cooked steak, onions and mushrooms for 14 people on this.

"You can cook chicken, boil water and fry snags on the side at the same time. And it can be customised with lots of accessories.”

Mr Pendergast said this was the fourth year he had journeyed from Maroochydore to the Outdoor Leisure Show in Lismore.

"A different generation of camper and purchaser is coming through now,” he said.

"It used to be just the grey nomads coming through. It really is a great show that's why we keep coming back.”