This won Front Page of the Year

WE passed the "10-pace test" with our Front Page of the Year win at the APN awards on Tuesday night.

The win marks a run of good news for the Star, with recent figures putting the paper among the strongest-performing publications in Australia in terms of circulation retention and readership growth.

The winning front page chronicled the conviction of murderer Warren Ross, who bashed and left for dead two-year-old Tanilla Warrick-Deaves, and followed long coverage of the case.

The judges described it as "simple, direct, powerful".

"What's the measure of a great front page?" the judging panel asked.

"There's only really one: does it sell on the day? Does it reach out to readers with easy to absorb headlines, beguiling (and readable) pointers and emotion-tugging images?

"Above all, does it pass the 10-pace test? Will a customer entering a store see, read and absorb the front page message from a few metres away in the two seconds they make up their minds to buy or not?

"If they can't, they won't. The Northern Star deserved to win because it passed the 10-pace test: simple, direct and powerful. The headline/picture combo was particularly effective."

The design was by Isobel Rodgers with Alex Easton and Rebecca Lollback.