Protesters at the climate action really in Byron Bay.
Protesters at the climate action really in Byron Bay. Christian Morrow

8000 people gather for climate protests at Lismore, Byron

STUDENTS, parents and those passionate about creating change have gathered in Magellan St for today's climate change rally.

With talk of crowd numbers exceeding 3000, excitement has started to build among those taking part in the protest.

"I do think that change is coming," said student Frewoini Baune.

"You've just got to keep going."

With the main march set to commence at 12pm and a significant police presence, it is hoped the event will remain peaceful.

"Eventually (the government) is going to have to act," Miss Baune said.

"They're just finding it difficult to respond in a responsible way."

Meanwhile, more than 5000 climate action marchers have gathered at the memorial gates in Byron Bay with busloads still arriving prior to marching through the CBD to Apex Park.

It is understood that police will be escorting the march through town due to the numbers chanting and marching and the unlikelihood that they will stick to the footpath.

Plastic-Free Boy has just addressed the crowd ahead of a beach clean up tomorrow.