BoM says more storms are on the way today for the Northern Rivers, but they will not be as severe as overnight.
BoM says more storms are on the way today for the Northern Rivers, but they will not be as severe as overnight.

Thousands lose power in severe thunderstorms overnight

MORE than 6000 houses in the greater Lismore region lost power after severe thunderstorms lashed the North Coast overnight.

While the Bureau of Meteorology has forecast more showers and thunderstorms today and into the afternoon they do not expect another severe thunderstorm to hit the region today.

BoM Meteorologist Bimal Ck said moderate to heavy falls will ramp up from Thursday through until Sunday.

"Later on tomorrow, we have a low pressure trough deepening near the coast and the northern inland which will bring more shower activity," he said.

"We are expecting moderate to heavy falls really close to the coast and close to the low pressure trough deepening from Thursday and forming on Friday and Saturday you might see more moderate falls.

He said they were closely monitoring the situation - but couldn't provide expected rainfall amounts.

"It's very difficult to pinpoint an estimate of how much rain will fall at the this point," he said.

An Essential Energy spokeswoman said about 300 residences were still without power after severe thunderstorms swept the region overnight, but crews worked into the night and were back on the ground today.

"The damage was significant," the spokeswoman said.

"The majority of the customers we have off are around the north east of Lismore and around Nimbin and Dunoon areas."

She said expected outage times depended on how quickly crews can get to each property to fix individual faults.

"Crews will need to check residents' properties individually, that will take time, we will work through that today," she said.

"These faults need to fixed individually and that's time consuming," she said.

"We do expect to get some back on today, crews will work as quickly and as safely as possible. We please ask customers to please be patient during this time."

She said, depending on how quickly crews can get through and fix the individually faults, there could be some people will be without power tonight.

"We will be endeavouring to contact these customers on their correct contact details," she said.

"Any customers still without power from mid-afternoon who haven't heard from us, call us on 132080 to update any details.

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