The future of the Silver Sands caravan park at Evans Head is up for discussion.
The future of the Silver Sands caravan park at Evans Head is up for discussion.

Park residents concerned about threat to lifestyle

EVANS Head Surf Club was full to capacity on Thursday night as local residents and holiday-makers gathered to discuss the changes proposed in the Draft Plan Of Management for the Silver Sands Holiday Park.

Many of those present were park storage van owners concerned they would be asked to leave.

Lismore councillor and local broadcaster Neil Marks said he made an expensive mistake buying a holiday van about 12 months ago.

"We want to spend our time on holidays not far from home," he said. "We chose Silver Sands because it is a great family place."

The plan to build upmarket cabins on the riverfront and security fencing in the riverside precinct of the park caused angry reactions.

Fears of Evans Head residents that they won't have access to the riverfront were voiced very clearly.

The draft plan states 90 sites across the three precincts of the park will be taken out, and many van owners voiced their concerns.

"I am from a family of five generations of holiday-makers at Evans Head," one woman said.

"I want it to stay like it is for the rest of our generations," the woman said.

Plans to build a water park and remove the tennis courts were also unpopular decisions.

"The water park may take customers away from the (Evans Head Aquatic Centre)," one person said.

Richmond Valley Council strongly suggested people make a submission by writing a letter on the draft before Monday, June 23, the closing day.

Main concerns

Security fencing will limit local residents' access to the river

The local tennis club does not have the finances to move the tennis courts

Van owners will be asked to remove their vans and at their own cost

Waterpark is irrelevant and may take away from Evans Head Aquatic Centre

Soldiers Memorial Park to remain untouched

Historic pines may be damaged near where upmarket cabins are planned

Rural and local families will be priced out of the park