Whitemans Creek car crash

Three injured in head-on collision

THREE people have been injured in a head on collision on the Clarence Way at Whiteman's Creek on Sunday afternoon.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter media liaison officer, Roger Fry, said a 45-year-old woman was treated on scene by the critical care medical team and then flown to Lismore Base Hospital.

Two other occupants of the two vehicle in the collision have been taken by road ambulance to Coffs Harbour and Grafton hospitals.

A neighbour at the scene said the two vehicles, a small sedan and a four wheel drive utility had collided around 3.30pm on a section of road they say is notorious for accidents.

"I was only glad no-one was killed," said John Ellem whose home is in less than 100m from the crash site.

"We have one a month off the road here."

Mr Ellem blamed the regular accidents on speed and the road alignment, which places a bend just over a crest in the road, as the main cause of the trouble.

"There's nothing wrong with the road if you drive to the conditions, but if you widened the road and straightened it just at that crest it would make things better."

Police said the causes of the crash were not clear, but a learner driver was involved.

Grafton Police duty officer Inspector Jo Reid said both cars involved were local with one registered to a Copmanhurst address and the other in Grafton.

"Because of the different ways the people were injured it's hard to say what happened," she said.

"Apart from saying it's a head-on collision, I can't say much more."