Female holding on lap notebook looking at screen writing email
Female holding on lap notebook looking at screen writing email

Three side hustles for extra cash

1 - Selling unwanted clothes/items

We all have wardrobes with pieces we no longer wear or garages and spare rooms filled with items we no longer use. Items like golf clubs or barely worn clothes can fetch a solid price online with people always on the look out for new parts to freshen up their wardrobe or lifestyle. Perhaps even more important now, electronic goods like unused PlayStations and Xbox's would be an attractive purchase given we're all locked in isolation.

2 - Selling homegrown vegetables

As we've all seen food is in incredibly high demand and that extends to whole foods like vegetables and fruits. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, it's important to keep up your intake of good foods during isolation. For those of us with a green thumb at home, why not sell some of your fruit and vegetables. It helps you and it helps the community.

3 - Offer home services

With the caveat of maintain social distancing, wash your hands and use common sense, now is a good time to offer services that other people may not be able to access during this time. Mowing lawns, running errands like taking shopping aren't easy for everyone, so why not offer your services if you can?