All of these ticks came off one dog.
All of these ticks came off one dog. Contributed

Ticks kill two pets in one day

SADLY, one vet clinic in Lismore has seen two pets succumb to the effects of tick paralysis.

Louise Moss from Lismore Veterinary Clinic said we are in the peak period for ticks on the Northern Rivers, so people need to be vigilant.

"We are seeing, on average, one to two dogs coming in affected by ticks,” she said.

"Sometimes people notice the symptoms first, then find the tick.

"Others bring their pet in, unaware of what is causing them to be sick.”

The symptoms you will notice if your pet has a tick are; weakness in the hind legs leading to paralysis, retching and gagging, off their food, and experiencing breathing difficulties.

Ms Moss said if your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms you need to act fast, as tick paralysis is considered an emergency and pets can deteriorate quickly.

"You should remove the tick as soon as you find it, and call If it is eight o'clock at night, don't wait until morning, particularly if your pet has breathing problems. The sooner you act, the better the pet will respond, and it will cost you less.”

Prevention though is the best medicine. Ms Moss recommends using We recommend Bravecto or Nexgard for dogs, and Frontline/Fronterra spray for cats.

While the products are successful as killing ticks, no prevention in 100 per cent foolproof, and daily checking of pets is advised.

Ms Moss also recommends clipping long haired cats and dogs for easier checking.

She said it takes ticks about two to three days for a tick to impact an animal, and size plays no part in how quickly that happens.

And while you're busy protecting you beloved fur baby from ticks, it might be worth remembering to check yourself, because treatments won't stop them from transferring a crawly tick to their human.