Leigh Murray Brown outside Southport Magistrates Court.
Leigh Murray Brown outside Southport Magistrates Court.

Tinder date found guilty of violent rape

A GOLD Coast electrician has been found guilty of violently raping a woman he met on Tinder.

Leigh Murray Brown, 44, had claimed the rape was part of a "rape role play" scenario.

It took a jury of six men and six women less than a day to come back with a verdict after a four day trial in the Southport District Court.

They found Brown guilty of one count of rape but acquitted him on a second count of rape.

During the trial the court was told how the pair met on Tinder in June 2017 and agreed to meet in a Gold Coast pub.

They went back to the woman's apartment to have sex.

But during the encounter, Brown turned violent, slapping the woman in the face, choking her multiple times and biting her.

The woman repeatedly said no, struggled against him and asked him to stop.

Brown ignored her pleas.

The woman only stopped struggling when she became exhausted.

The electrician claimed the woman had consented to "rape role play" and did not use the safe word they had set up - "Buddha".

The woman claimed she never agreed to a safe word or to "rape role play".

Brown will be sentenced this morning.