What Titans can learn from Broncos

Titans chief executive Graham Annesley and coach Garth Brennan.
Titans chief executive Graham Annesley and coach Garth Brennan.

GETTING the right people in place. It's what Dennis Watt believes any NRL club - none more so than his new home at the Gold Coast - should learn from the Broncos.

Brisbane have been among those setting the benchmark year after year and Watt knows their secrets to success better than most, having served as chairman the past four years before jumping ship to highway rivals the Titans last month.

"The right people, the right culture, the right environment, the right resources. That can take time but great people make for great organisations, it's as simple as that," he told the Bulletin.

"Their (Brisbane's) standards in place are a benchmark for successful organisations."

After an upturn in form in 2016, the Titans endured another dreadful season last year headlined by poor results on the field and various scandals off it.

But from his early impressions in the chair, Watt is sure the club is on track for brighter times.

"I certainly am very confident the club will be respected this year for its professionalism, its willingness to work hard and compete at the highest level," he said.

He sees the Titans finally becoming the pride of the Gold Coast after so many bumps and hiccups that have worn the community's trust thin over time.

"The Titans will be a team that the people of the Gold Coast region are happy to call their own and invest their hopes in," Watt said.

"We are determined to not let those people down."

Characters such as Konrad Hurrell have also drawn Watt’s praise. Picture: Getty Images
Characters such as Konrad Hurrell have also drawn Watt’s praise. Picture: Getty Images

Fuelling such confidence? It goes back to the people involved, with Watt reserving particular praise for coach Garth Brennan.

"I'm really impressed by Garth," he said.

"I'm really impressed by his knowledge - he has a great grasp of the technical aspects of the game and of coaching - by his energy and by his genuine care and concern for people who work for him.

"He's a great student of the game and obviously it's been part of his life for a long time too.

"I really admire that he also had a very successful career as a police officer including as a prosecutor.

"That probably gives him a little bit of balance in terms of the vagaries of the head coach role. It probably reminds you what is really important in life I think."

Watt already knew of the qualities brought by players such as Jarrod Wallace, Ash Taylor, Dale Copley and Jai Arrow - all of whom have spent time at the Broncos in recent years - but has been stoked with what he has found in others including Konrad Hurrell.

"He is a powerhouse player, he can destroy defences but he has also got this endearing and loveable quality off the field," he said of Hurrell.

"He's a pretty decent young man and a funny guy as well."

Perhaps, at last, the Titans possess the right personnel to harness the people power of the Gold Coast.