Tony Abbott to arrive in New York

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott must prepare for a change of pace as he arrives in the United States, having spent two days in Canada with Prime Minister and political doppelganger Stephen Harper.

Mr Abbott's arrival into New York was to begin with a run around Central Park with the city's fire department before heading to the site of the 2001 World Trade Centre terror attacks.

Although Mr Abbott appeared chummy with the "centre-right" Canadian leader, with each on the need to put the economy ahead of climate change action, but his meeting with US President Barack Obama might be a touch cooler.

The PM was also mocked mercilessly on social media after referring to "Canadia" before correcting himself.

Earlier this month, the Obama Government released new regulations that would force the power sector to cut emissions by 30% before 2030.

It is among the strongest actions ever taken by the US to fight global warming.

Unlike Mr Abbott, President Obama has told how acting against climate change through his Clean Air Act would "be an engine of growth for decades to come".

"America will build that engine. America will build the future."

Mr Abbott said on Tuesday he felt the president's climate action was similar to the Coalition policy of "direct action" against emissions in place of a carbon tax.

The United States will be the latest stop on a whistle-stop world tour including meetings with Indonesian, French and Canadian leaders.