The judge said being an addict was no excuse for dealing in the 'pernicious' substance.
The judge said being an addict was no excuse for dealing in the 'pernicious' substance. NewsRegional

Too busy to get high now after 'pernicious' drug dealing

A MOTHER who dealt drugs has "belatedly” got help for her problems.

A court on Thursday heard Rebekah Louise-May Treveton landed in trouble when Gympie police searching a car found the drug ice and about $3800 cash.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Treveton's phone revealed evidence of drug deals with four separate customers.

Treveton, 33, pleaded guilty to charges including supplying drugs.

A prosecutor said Treveton had a criminal history littered with drug offences and multiple bail breaches.

But defence counsel Scott Lynch said Treveton now lived in Kingaroy and had "finally turned her life around”.

Mr Lynch said she was busy working two jobs and was drug-free.

Treveton was on parole during the offending 13 months ago.

That parole was suspended on July 14 last year, and she spent slightly over four months in custody.

Mr Lynch said a jail term up to two years with immediate parole release would be appropriate.

But the Crown said Justice David North could consider more time in custody for Treveton.

Justice North said ice had a "pernicious” social impact.

"It ruins lives and it's highly addictive.”

The court heard Treveton once offered to supply ice in one deal worth about $650.

Justice North said any meth dealing was reprehensible, even if done partly to afford one's own addiction.

He said Treveton's criminal history was discouraging if viewed in isolation, but "consistent with somebody who has got a drug problem”.

The history included a meth-related 2016 conviction at Toowoomba Supreme Court.

But the judge also read multiple supportive references for the 33-year-old.

Justice North said the testimonials indicated Treveton had "belatedly but significantly” made efforts to rehabilitate.

He sentenced her to 15 months' jail, with immediate parole release.

Justice North said the sentence took into account time served, Treveton's remorse, and early guilty pleas.

He told her to report to the parole office by 1pm Friday otherwise "all the good work done by your lawyers and yourself might be undone”. -NewsRegional