Toowoomba plumbing business goes into liquidation

A TOOWOOMBA plumbing business has gone into liquidation owing tens of thousands of dollars to employees and creditors.

Andreas Brothers - Plumbers Pty Ltd, trading as Plumbers Today, was placed into liquidation on June 10 with Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants' Adam Ward appointed as liquidator.

According to a report on company activities and property lodged by company director Matthew Peter Andreas, more than $37,000 was owed to two employees, while roughly $92,000 was owed to the company's creditors.

A summary of the company's outstanding invoices showed debts owed to Plumbers Today in the order of $75,000 by more than 100 different people and entities.

The report also showed the company owns $22,300 of vehicles.

The company's Toowoomba landline has been disconnected.

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