TRC CEO Brian Pidgeon.
TRC CEO Brian Pidgeon. Chris Calcino

Toowoomba Regional Council extends CEO's contract

THE Toowoomba Regional Council's longest-serving CEO will be staying in the role for another three years, after Brian Pidgeon's contract was renewed.

Councillors last week agreed to another contract extension for Mr Pidgeon, who has been in the role officially since 2013.

According to the confidential motion considered by the council at the general meeting last Tuesday, Mr Pidgeon will also be subject to reviewed key performance indicators.

"In accordance with Section 194 of the Local Government Act 2009, the council offers Brian Pidgeon, a further contract of three years in the role of Chief Executive Officer," the resolution said.

"The remuneration value of the employment contract between Council and Brian Pidgeon (will) commence at the median total package for level one CEO/general manager as detailed in the 2018-2019 Local Government National Remuneration Survey.

"The Mayor and Deputy Mayor (will) be delegated to authorise and execute the contract of employment subject.

"A facilitated workshop be undertaken by the full council to develop draft Key Performance Indicators for the Chief Executive Officer's role and these be presented to a councillor information session and subsequently agreed to by the Chief Executive Officer."

Mr Pidgeon is one of Toowoomba's most powerful public servants, overseeing a budget of nearly $500 million and a workforce of more than 1800 people.

He was twice thrown into the role to cover for the sudden departures of previous CEOs Philip Spencer in 2008, and Ken Gouldthorp in 2012.

Mr Pidgeon's pay became the focal point of a massive rift between the councillors in 2017 when it was revealed he had been paid as an acting CEO for years.

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