Dr. Margaret Young, Public Health Physician. Photo: Alistair Brightman
Dr. Margaret Young, Public Health Physician. Photo: Alistair Brightman

Top doctor’s warning after grisly find in public park

THE WIDE BAY medical fraternity has slammed the improper use and disposal of needles and syringes in public spaces.

Public Health Physician Margaret Young said the recent discovery of a used needle and syringe at a park in Kawungan was a "major source of anxiety".

'People should dispose of needles properly," Dr Young said.

She made the comment after Adrieanne Buckley made an angry post on social media about a used needle her seven-year-old son found at Margaret Lin Park recently.

"Thank goodness it wasn't my two-year-old who stumbled upon it," Ms Buckley wrote in her post.

Dr Young said anyone who suffered a needle stick injury must seek immediate medical attention.

"Get medical attention to assess any risk and get advice about whether follow up tests are needed," she said.

Dr Young agreed with the sentiment shared in the post and strongly emphasised that used needles and syringes should never be left lying around.

"The good news in Australia is that there has been no documented transmission of bloodborne viruses associated with the accidental exposure to needles found in public spaces such as parks," Dr Young said.

For more information on removing discarded needles and syringes from public spaces and what to do after a needle stick injury, call the Clean Needle Helpline on 1800 633 353.