Top promotor denies the Yanks are coming despite rumours

DON'T believe the rumours that Sydney could host another Major League Baseball Opening Series, according to the man that made it happen for the first time earlier this year, Jason Moore.

Moore was one of the major players in bringing the historic two-game series between the LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks to the SCG back in March.

A report in a Sydney publication followed the historic and highly-successful series that another series, between the famous New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics, could be headed to the harbour city in 2018.

And MLB commissioner Bud Selig said it was a matter of when, not if, another series would come to Sydney, as he was so delighted with the success of the 2014 Opening Series.

But Moore was adamant the next one could take a lot longer than four years.

"Don't believe it - there's no substance behind that report," he told APN.

"The next one could be years and years and years away - we're still tidying up some things from Sydney.

"I've had no dialogue about when the next one will be - what's been in the press is just speculation and third-hand conversations."

Moore insisted his recent trip to the US, along with the MLB's Australian director Tom Nicholson, was just to reconcile his accounts after the costly exercise in getting both teams to Sydney.

"The MLB has taken Opening Series to Tokyo since 2004 and they'll continue doing that," Moore said

"They've got a lot of markets in Asia, Europe and South America."

Despite Moore fiercely downplaying the rumours, Nicholson was more optimistic when APN contacted him before his trip to the US, back in April.

"I can't put a timeframe on when we might see a return, but we've got a five-year plan in place," he said.

A spokesman for the Athletics said he was unaware of any negotiations to have his club play the Yankees in Australia in 2018, but added, "it certainly sounds interesting".

More recently, new Brisbane Bandits CEO Mark Ready said it was important for Australia to host another Opening Series in four years' time to continue the sport's growth, adding he had been in regular dialogue with MLB officials.

"While we have every confidence it'll be back here soon, there are no guarantees," added the general manager of the Australian Baseball League, Ben Foster.