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TORNADO PHOTOS: 60 seconds to disaster

7th June 2018 12:22 PM
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IT TOOK little more than 60 seconds for a tornado to wreak havoc on Lennox Head in 2010.

Eight years ago, on June 3, a water spout formed off the coast of the town, forming a tornado as it hit landfall.

Two people were taken to hospital with minor injuries and up to 30 houses in the village sustained serious damage after the mini-tornado passed through at about 7.30am.

The caravan park was also hard-hit. Several vans were up-ended, but it was fortunate that many of them were unoccupied at the time.

Locals described hiding in their bathrooms as the tornado hit with a "huge, roaring sound".

Power lines were downed and an electrical transformer exploded requiring the HAZMAT team to clean-up oil and other hazardous debris.

Lennox Head resident Andy Brown told the ABC: "It sounded like a jet was coming in to land on our house".