A man was jailed after he bound four people, including a teenage girl, and threatened to kill them.
A man was jailed after he bound four people, including a teenage girl, and threatened to kill them. innovatedcaptures

Torture chamber horror: Mum, teen and couple held hostage

A MOTHER, her teenage daughter and a couple were bound with tape and told they would die in a "torture chamber" during a terrifying ordeal at a Sunshine Coast home.

The 46-year-old man responsible pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court today to four counts of deprivation of liberty, two of torture, two assaults occasioning bodily harm, wilful damage and breaching a domestic violence protection order.

He cannot be named to protect his victim and former partner, who was present during sentencing today alongside the male victim.

Crown prosecutor Greg Cummings told the court the defendant was arrested for breaching the domestic violence order and released on bail an hour before he returned to the home, armed himself with a crowbar and smashed through a window about 1.30am on April 1 last year.

All occupants were asleep.

The man first went to the couple's bedroom, grabbed the woman by the back of the neck and threatened to kill everyone in the house and smashed her phone when she tried to call the police.

He then punched the woman's partner in the face and forced the pair into the hallway.

When the mother and her daughter awoke, he took everyone's phones, sat them back-to-back in pairs and bound them together with duct tape rendering them "helpless".

Mr Cummings said throughout the hour all four were bound, the attacker threatened to kill them all and to kill himself.

The emotional and psychological trauma he inflicted on the couple during this time constituted torture, and included threats to find and kill the woman's family.

He also refused to let her go to the toilet and covered her mouth with tape.

The man told his victims a car full of men with weapons were waiting to drive them to a torture chamber in Coffs Harbour where they would be killed.

The court heard the teenage girl was "bound, shaking and terrified" when the man threatened to "skin her brother alive".

After about an hour, the mother calmed the man down and used scissors to cut her daughter free, and was ultimately given "permission" to free the others.

At this point, the attacker gave the male victim an ultimatum to ring the police and everyone gets killed, or he could "live here at the house and help out and not cause problems".

The man ultimately fell asleep. The next day he left the house and was later arrested.

Defence barrister Scott Neaves said his client had abused alcohol throughout his adult life, but he was in the throes of methamphetamine withdrawal at the time he carried out this attack.

He said despite a criminal history dated back to the 1990s, his client had been a contributing member of society and worked as a concreter and leading hand in the mining industry.

He has remained behind bars for the past 14 months, which was not declarable as he committed the crimes while on a suspended prison sentence for trafficking marijuana in 2016.

Today, he was jailed for a further six years for torture, which Judge Glen Cash said encapsulated the remainder of his offences.

He is eligible for parole on June 9, 2021.