Parliamentary inquiry into short stay holiday lets has been welcomed by tourist body.
Parliamentary inquiry into short stay holiday lets has been welcomed by tourist body.

Tourism division welcomes inquiry into holiday letting

AN INQUIRY into the regulation of short term holiday letting by the NSW Parliament has been welcomed by the Tourism Industry Division of the NSW Business Chamber.

"This is a big opportunity to help grow and diversify regional tourism and provide visitors with a unique experience in the homes of local residents," said Executive Manager of the Tourism Industry Division Dean Gorddard.

"Hosting platforms can help with the 'supply and demand' challenges faced by many popular destinations across NSW particularly during peak holiday periods, events and festivals.

"Cracking down on 'party houses' is a practical decision and will provide certainty for both hosts and surrounding neighbours.

"The government should look closely at the committee's recommendations to designate these properties with stricter rules and penalties as they can significantly impact on communities and on the tourist offering of our regional destinations.

"As we put forward in our 2015 report, The Sharing Economy: Issues, Impacts, and Regulatory Responses in the context of the NSW Visitor Economy , regulation should encourage commercial activity not restrict it and we think the committee has broadly got this balance right with its approach.

"We have, however, been consistent in our calls that the emergence of the sharing economy should provide an opportunity to look at red tape and regulation across the wider visitor economy.

"Tourism is the lifeblood of many of our regional communities, and tourism businesses need to be supported with a regulatory framework that keeps them competitive, promotes growth and, most importantly, encourages local employment.

 "It's now up to the Government to consider these recommendations closely and develop an appropriate framework to help grow tourism in our regions even further," Mr Gorddard said.