Richmond’s Sam Lloyd celebrates a goal with Dustin Martin.
Richmond’s Sam Lloyd celebrates a goal with Dustin Martin.

Which Tigers get squeezed out for Lynch?

TOM Lynch is set to join Richmond, and he won't come cheap.

But the Tigers could survive the coming trade wars with minimal damage, according to Jon Ralph.

The Herald Sun trade expert says Anthony Miles and Corey Ellis are both likely to play for Gold Coast next season, and the Suns are also interested in the uncontracted Jacob Townsend.

Reece Conca and Sam Lloyd have also attracted interest, but are likely to stay at Punt Rd.

"Colin Young (Conca's manager) said today there's clearly interest from Fremantle, but he spoke to Blair Hartley, the Richmond list manager, and said once this is all finishes - and hopefully he (Conca) has won a flag by then - I'd like to get something done," Ralph said on today's episode of Trade TV.

"I think Colin is doing what all good managers should do, and that's assess the options out there, but I would think that Reece would want to stay at the footy club, it's just a matter of what kind of cash."


He said the Bulldogs were sniffing around Lloyd, but "someone told me he'd be happy to stay at the club next year, not on massive coin, he just loves them."

Ralph and Sam Edmund provided updates on Dylan Shiel, Jack Steven, Alex Fasolo, Chad Wingard and more today - here are the highlights. Watch the full episode below and tune in next Wednesday for another episode of Trade TV.


Edmund: "Massive, massive interest from Collingwood. All the talk in the Collingwood locker room is May will get to their footy club. You're going to ask me how that happens and I'm going to say I don't have the foggiest ... but surely if Steven May wants out of that footy club, as we're led to believe, a trade will happen."


Ralph: "Port Adelaide has basically said your form has been average ... if you think you're worth a certain amount you go out and assess the market, and if you come back and the money's not there then we might work out a deal. The speculation is he's looking for between $800,000 and $1 million a year over five years."

Edmund: "Would the Bulldogs pay that?"

Ralph: "Yes, I think they'd pay that ... I would think he's an extremely good chance to be playing in Victoria next year, distant odds to be at Port Adelaide."


Dylan Shiel is on the shopping list of several Victorian clubs.
Dylan Shiel is on the shopping list of several Victorian clubs.


Edmund: "If you're a betting man he's absolutely gone, he's been noises to people close to him for quite a long time."

Sam said the gun GWS midfielder is worth Carlton's pick 1 - but that still might not get the deal done.

"I think we're going to see an absolute feeding frenzy for Dylan Shiel.

"I really like (Sam) Walsh as well so in an ideal world you find a way to do both.

"What complicates it is he probably won't want to go to a club like Carlton or St Kilda if you think you've done the years of pain at GWS, you're in the prime of your career and you want to win a premiership."

That brings the Bombers into the equation.

Edmund: "They'd have to be interested in Dylan Shiel given they've been linked to Luke Parker, that got snuffed out pretty quick, we know they need more mid quality inside and outside - he'd be perfect in there."

Ralph: "It probably takes pick eight and a first or second-rounder next year. If you're Essendon you back yourself in."


Edmund: "It sounds as though he's made the decision, 'I'm just going to knuckle down for the next week or two at the Eagles, park it, and come back to it when (the season is) done'."


Ralph: "Fremantle is interested and West Coast is interested because if they lose Scott Lycett, as we believe to be the case, they need a ruckman.

"It's almost a bigger priority (for GWS) to keep Rory Lobb over Dylan Shiel, even though he's not as good a player, just for positional reasons."


Alex Fasolo is likely to be at Carlton next year. Picture: Ian Currie
Alex Fasolo is likely to be at Carlton next year. Picture: Ian Currie



Likely to get a three-year deal from Carlton.

Edmund: "To me Alex Fasolo is the perfect cherry on top, he's a very good player in a very good side. How's he going to go in a side that has to scrounge and scrap for every little thing, not many (forward) entries, certainly not many quality entries?"


Ralph: "I spoke to his manager Peter Lenton who said, 'I want to go on the record to be really adamant that Jack Steven is not going anywhere'. Clearly another club asked about Jack Steven and they were shut down.

"He asked the club, 'Are we in rebuild mode? And they said, 'No, we are not'. You'd think the coach might have said, 'We're going to get Dan Hannebery', so that's a bit of midfield cover."