Authadane – the horse that was meant to be racing in Rockhampton.
Authadane – the horse that was meant to be racing in Rockhampton.

Trainer runs wrong horse in Rocky race

Queensland racing has been rocked by dodgy track surfaces, protracted jigger hearings and mobile barriers which may be faulty - but now it has officially seen it all.

Trainer Julieann Lancaster has been found guilty of accidentally racing the wrong horse at the Rockhampton meeting on Thursday.

The seven-year-old gelding Authadane was supposed to start in race six and a horse going by its name gave some cheek at $101.

It finished sixth but was disqualified soon after the race when it was revealed as the better credentialed stablemate Plain 'N' Simple which was scheduled to run in race seven.

Given it had just run, Plain 'N' Simple was hastily withdrawn from race seven.

There was major relief it did not win or run a place at massive odds in race six.

Stewards are supposed to check horse brands in the yard so it was surprising the accidental switch went undetected.

Lancaster has been found guilty of presenting the wrong horse to race though stewards are still deliberating on the penalty.

QRIC Acting Racing Integrity Commissioner Mark Ainsworth told Racenet his body will carry out an independent investigation on the matter.

"The Commission takes these incidents seriously and the independent investigation and the stewards inquiry will be thorough," Ainsworth said.