'Trashy' wedding invitation slammed

A CHEEKY bride and groom have been slammed after sending out a very non-traditional wedding invitation to their loved ones, filled with expletives and insults.

The couple went with an unusual choice of words on their sacred wedding invitations, with a grand total of 14 "f**ks" and two "sh*ts".

"Hey f**k face," the invite opens. "As you know, we got f**king engaged and now we've got to plan a motherf**king wedding. You're so f**king amazing, you made the cut!

"So… are you f***king coming?"

Invitees were given three options to choose from: "F**k yes", "F**k no" and "F**k off".

They were advised the ceremony would wrap up at 11.30pm, with a line simply saying "F**k off at 11.30pm".

Would you be offended by this wedding invite?
Would you be offended by this wedding invite?

Under the finer details - called "SH*T YOU NEED TO KNOW" - guests are treated to even more crude language.

On the option of bringing children, the couple wrote, "Leave your little sh*ts behind, we want to get f**ked".

On the dress code, they wrote, "Wear what the f**k you like - smart casual - go butt f**king naked for all we care".

On accommodation, they wrote "Google it you lazy f**ks".

Lastly, on dietary requirements, they wrote, "Eat what the f**k you're given you fat f*cks".

In fact, the only section of the invitation that comes off remotely serious is the part on wedding gifts, which is free of swearing and requests a "contribution to our honeymoon".

The invitations went viral on the Facebook page Bride Tribe, with more than 120,000 comments and 27,000 shares.

But not everyone was impressed by the expletive-laden invitations, with users slamming the style as "disgusting" and "inappropriate".

"Tragic tbh how desperate to be different can you get," wrote Jamie Wagstaff.

"This is the most redneck thing I've seen in my life what an embarrassment," said user Sead Petovic.

"Haha no f**ks in the grovelling for money for honeymoon! Typical," observed Chaley Louise O'Neill.

Sure, a lot of people saw the humour in it too. But perhaps the tackiest thing of all wasn't all the ~edgy~ swearing, but that the whole tone of the invitation was dripping with "This NEEDS to go viral!"

That said, it clearly did, so… congratulations to the bride and groom?