Treasurer: Budget's new infrastructure will create jobs

TREASURER Joe Hockey says a 0.3% jump in the jobless rate, to 6.4%, underscores the need for the Senate to pass his budget measures.

The ABS on Thursday released the latest jobs data, and despite the rise in the unemployment rate, the number of people employed barely changed in July, down just 300.

It was due in part to a 14,800 drop in people in part-time work, while a jump of 14,500 people in full-time work almost offset that fall.

The jobless rate rose 0.1% to 6.5% in Queensland and New South Wales' unemployment rose the same amount, to 5.8% in July.

Mr Hockey said there remained a need to invest in infrastructure to help increase jobs, but decried Labor and The Greens' current opposition to the government's asset recycling bills in the Senate.

He said the bills, if passed, could result in an extra $40 billion being spent on new projects, funded by the sale of a raft of state-owned assets.