TREASURER Scott Morrison raised eyebrows today when part of his interview with Laurie Oakes was randomly censored by Nine.

But whether he was intentionally silenced or if it was simply a technical error remains unclear. ScoMo appeared on Nine's Weekend Today, where he was grilled about the upcoming federal budget by the veteran political reporter.

Viewers were left confused when one of the Treasurer's responses was censored with a "beep", leaving them wondering what had happened.

Morrison and Oakes were discussing the funding changes to Gonski 2.0 that have angered Catholic schools.

It's unclear why Morrison's response was beeped out - some viewers wondered if he used a swear word, while others speculated it was a broadcast sound error by Nine, and that Morrison actually said was "what we're focused on".

It all came about while Morrison was defending his education funding plan, and Oakes asked him how the funding would spill over to the Coalition's party room.

Laurie Oakes questioned the Treasurer about education on Weekend Today.
Laurie Oakes questioned the Treasurer about education on Weekend Today. Supplied

Oakes mentioned former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and when Morrison began to retaliate, he was beeped.

"The politics is not the issue, what the issue is," Morrison said, as he was cut off by Oakes.

Oakes interjected: "Well, politics is the issue that Tony Abbott is stirring this along."

Morrison then added: "Well, that can be the issue for other people but we're (beep) ... on is supporting the schooling needs of every child in the country and making it fair."

News Corp Australia has contacted Nine and Morrison for comment.

Originally published as The moment Nine beeped ScoMo