Jodie McRae of Lismore, founded Jodie's Inspiration after she began battling a rare form of breast cancer. Photo Mireille Merlet-Shaw / Northern Star
Jodie McRae of Lismore, founded Jodie's Inspiration after she began battling a rare form of breast cancer. Photo Mireille Merlet-Shaw / Northern Star Mireille Merlet-Shaw

'Beautiful soul full of courage, strength and inspiration'

TRIBUTES to Lismore woman Jodie McRae have begun rolling in on Facebook as she revealed she has only days left to live.

On The Northern Star's Facebook page friends, supporters, and strangers who have all been touched by the woman behind charity Jodie's Inspiration took the chance to give their well wishes to Jodie and her family, as the brave woman's cancer battle comes to an end.

Two days to live: Jodie McRae's heartbreaking goodbye

Kim Dhu said: "Thank you so so much Jodie, for all you have done, you are totally amazing and I just hope when my time comes I can be half the Woman you are and have been through all of this. God bless you beautiful fly high as I know you will."

Katrina Beohm said: "My love and thoughts are with you, your family and closest friends. Your kind soul will be dearly missed in our community. Thank you for being such an inspiration, my heart breaks for you. Goodbye Jodie."

Jo Sweeney said: "Sending my love to your family, may your last days be making more forever memories. You are one inspirational woman and your legacy will live on. Sucky Cancer has claimed another beautiful caring person. So very sad. You have put up a darn good fight Jodie and will be missed."

Lee-anne Bostock said: "You are the inspiration Jodie. Your inspiration has already changed many lives. But what an inspiration you are for Kaela and Jake. They are going to have such wonderful memories of an amazing Mum. How you have managed to keep going through all this, is indescribable. More than inspirational. Thank you for all you have done for others, for showing us all the true meaning of the word courageous and inspirational. This is just so so sad for you, your kids, your partner and your loving family. But what an amazing legacy you are leaving behind. You will certainly be a shining star in heaven when you get there, for all you have done for so many. May this journey you are now on the last leg of, be pain free and you know how much you will be missed and remembered by so many, complete strangers and your loving family and friends. My heart goes out to you all, thank you for all you have done for our area. An angel here on earth before you were needed to be an angel somewhere else."

Michael Kaylene Knock said: "Whether we lose loved ones like my dad 5 weeks from diagnosis or we have longer with them and like Jodie they leave a wonderful legacy, it never gets easy for those left behind but they are always with us. Thank you."

Samantha Standish said: "Love and blessings to you Jodie, your beautiful children and amazing, amazing friends. Your soul will soar to greater things and will always be in my heart. Thank you for being YOU."

Sue-Anne Sweet-Morand said: "You are truly an amazing woman Jodie. I don't know you, but I have followed your courageous journey here on FB. Your legacy will live on. You're a beautiful soul full of courage, strength and inspiration. Bless you and thank you for all you have done. You are a STAR!"

Elizabeth Robinson said: "Love and light to a beautiful stranger. You inspire me."

Jacquie McCalman said: "Jodie Mcrae we struggled thru chemo together, and toasted the last dose. Then and now you shine with your strength and courage. I toast you from Nashville xxx."

Sharon Pratten: "Thank you for the inspiration and legacy you have left us all Jodie."

Leanne Payne-Evans said: "My love goes out to you all. You are a beautiful person Jodie and I will forever remember you as the little girl from across the road

Rebecca Smith said: "So much love and light to you Jodie. What an inspiration and remarkable woman you are and always will be. Your legacy will forever live on."

Tracey Cook said: "All my love & strength to get your amazing family and friends through the tough times ahead. You're more than an inspiration Jodie."

Samantha Corcoran said: "I'm so sorry to be reading this. Such an amazing woman and it was such a privilege to meet and work with her."