Lennox Head triplets Josh, Sophie and Chris after they were awarded their the learners’ licences in Lismore.
Lennox Head triplets Josh, Sophie and Chris after they were awarded their the learners’ licences in Lismore. Jay Cronan

Triplets take to the road

THE Davis triplets, Chris ("I'm the best triplet"), Josh ("I'm the modest one, but also the most handsome") and Sophie ("I'm the good all-rounder") all had to - really had to - get their L plates at the same time.

Although the bond between them is palpable,they're also highly competitive. For one or two to pass and another to fail was unthinkable.

So the Year 10 students, the boys from Xavier College, Ballina, and Sophie from Trinity College in Lismore, all rocked up to the RTA office in Lismore yesterday with their mum. With trembling hands, they took the test.

All three passed.

Their mother Amanda Davis, of Lennox Head, was happy and relieved, not least because each time the test is taken it costs $39.

"There's no discount for multiples," she said.

Ms Davis told The Northern Star that previous rites of passage had included getting them all out of nappies at the same time, being able to discontinue child car seats, starting primary school and then high school.

"The HSC will be the next one," Ms Davis said.

The milestone of the learners' licences now becomes a millstone around the necks of the triplets' parents, Andrew and Amanda Davis.

They have to complete 360 hours of driver training with their triplets in the next 12 months: 120 hours each. Again, no discount for bulk.

"That's an hour a day - and we'll do it properly," Ms Davis said.

"We take it very seriously and want them all to know and respect the rules.

"It's so exciting. We would have been heartbroken if they'd failed."

Judging by the time The Northern Star spent with these humorous, polite and bright teenagers, respect for the rules of the road and for other road users, will come naturally to them.


Each triplet now has to:

  • Hold their learner's licence for at least 12 months.
  • Complete at least 120 hours driving practice - each.
  • Pass the driving test and progress to PI (provisional licence holder, first year).
  • Hold the PI licence for at least 12 months.
  • Pass the Hazard Perception test and progress to P2.
  • Hold the P2 licence for at least 24 months.
  • Pass the Driver Qualification test and progress to a full licence.