Tropical Cyclone Trevor. Photo: BOM
Tropical Cyclone Trevor. Photo: BOM

Cyclone Trevor to make landfall within days

TROPICAL CYCLONE Trevor is expected to make landfall within days off the Far North Queensland as the system continues to intensify.

The cyclone formed today, as the tropical low made its way in a south-westerly direction towards Cape York.

Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Jonty Hall said the system would be generating wind gusts up to 130km/hr today.

"It started as a disorganised low pressure subsystem, but the environment is very favourable for it to intensify," he said.

"We are expecting it to continue to intensify as it's getting its act together.

Mr Hall said the system was travelling as a low speed of 8km/hr which gave it more time to intensify.

"It's forecasted to make landfall on Tuesday evening and the longer it stays over water, the more it can develop," he said.

Mr Hall said Townsville was in the clear, and would not receive much rain.

"It's forecast for a little bit of rain, but there will not be any severe weather," he said.

"There's an expected increase in rainfall from showers and thunderstorms, but heavy rainfall will be from Cairns northwards."

Stormy flight from Melbourne to Sunshine Coast : Footage: Mark Furler
Stormy flight from Melbourne to Sunshine Coast : Footage: Mark Furler

Mr Hall said there wouldn't be any reprieve for Townsville from the searing heat and humidity.

"I don't think the humidity is likely to improve, there are easterly winds coming from the deep tropics," he said.

The mercury will continue to hover around 30 and 31 degrees from Monday through to next week, with a high chance of rain every day, sitting at 80 per cent for showers and possible storms.

"The humid conditions will continue throughout much of next week … the showers and storm should help keep things cooler," Mr Hall said.