Trump now betting favourite to be next President

LAST night the bookies had more or less written Donald Trump off with the odds of the Republican candidate being the next US President sitting at $4.50 while Clinton was about $1.90. 

However that situation has changed rapidly over the course of the morning and as the first seats start to come in has moved Trump into poll position. 

At time of publication Sportsbet is offering $1.77 for Trump to be the next US President with Clinton at $1.97. 

For Clinton to become the first female President many commentators say she has to win Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. 

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In Florida Trump is presently ahead in the vote with 49% going Republican over 47.8% Democrat. 

In Michigan Trump has a strong lead - 49.9% to Clinton's 44.9%. 

In Ohio Trump is leading by almost 10% with 53.1% going Republican and in North Carolina the Republicans are leading 50% to 47.3%. 

"It's very hard for Clinton to win the Electoral College if she loses Michigan along with Ohio, North Carolina and Florida none of which look particularly safe for her right now," Editor in Chief of Five Thirty Eight Nate Silver said.

"Even if she were to hold the rest of her firewall and win Nevada, she'd be stuck at 263 electoral votes and would need to do something unexpected like flip Arizona or Georgia into her column."