Turnbull rat
Turnbull rat

Is this Turnbull's most awkward campaign moment yet?

THE PRIME Minister has been filmed patting rat after a voter asked him to in a Western Sydney shopping centre. 

The awkward moment happened as the PM did a walk through of Westfield Penrith, where he was joined by the local MP Fiona Scott. 


"Oh, you've got a little rat," the PM is heard saying in footage posted to Twitter by ABC News reporter Stephanie Anderson. 

"His name's splinter," the proud owner beamed as Mr Turnbull reluctantly reaches out to pat the rodent. 

"He's being very quiet," Mr Turnbull observed.

A spokeswoman from the PM's office said Mr Turnbull has no aversion to rats.

"He patted it so I'd say no," the spokeswoman said.

"He also asked it's age and it was two and a half - so he took an interest."