One little turtle who got hooked.
One little turtle who got hooked. Contributed

Turtle hooked and helped by WIRES

WIRES had the pleasure of saving this gorgeous little freshwater turtle this week after a member of the public accidentally hooked it while out fishing.

Because fish hooks are barbed, if you try to pull them back out the way they came in you risk causing lots of pain and potentially a fatal injury, so usually they need urgent vet care in order to be removed safely.

Little turtle goes under
Little turtle goes under Contributed

This particular turtle was lucky in that the hook was only stuck in his mouth.

Often it's they've swallowed them and these cases are much trickier.

WIRES confirmed the location of the hook on x-ray, and after a quick exam by Dr Rachel a general anaesthetic was performed to attempt removal of the hook.

Once asleep, a tube was placed in his airways to control his breathing.

All better with Dr Rachel.
All better with Dr Rachel. Contributed

The blunt end of the hook in his mouth could be seen but the barbed end couldn't be seen.

The tip, however, could be felt through the skin.

So, the best way to remove the hook was actually to pierce the hook through the skin, cut it in half, and remove both parts separately.

This is exactly what was done.

The turtle made an excellent recovery from his surgery and has now gone into care with one of the wonderful WIRES carers, to hopefully be released once he's fully healed.