Tweed sees spike in domestic violence cases

A WORRYING spike in domestic violence has occurred in Tweed while legislators congratulate themselves for a drop in assaults in the Sydney CBD.

Latest Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show cases of domestic assaults increased 20.7% in Tweed last year - from 337 instances in 2013 to 407 last year.

Sexual assaults fell 11.4% and indecent assault - sexual assault not involving rape - took a 30.8% dive.

The rise in violence at home has been felt across NSW, though less markedly than in Tweed, with a state-wide 2.7% increase in domestic violence assaults.

Last year, there were 29,070 recorded cases of domestic violence in NSW, up from 28,423 in 2013. Regional and coastal areas are also battling a growing ice epidemic - a long-running fight represented in the BOCSAR statistics.

Between January 2013 and December 2014, charges for amphetamine dealing rose 27.6%.

Possession charges for amphetamines increased 36.3%, cocaine was up 31.2% and marijuana charges rose 16.7%.

Shadow Minister for Police Jodi McKay said the 12.7% reduction in assaults in Sydney's CBD was worth celebrating, but warned the government not to overlook the other increases in crime.

"From the dramatic rise in drug-related crime to domestic violence, this report shows there is no room for complacency," Ms McKay said.