"IN THIS country, in an era when there is so much money, why have we not enough hospital beds, not enough doctors, and people sleeping rough?” lenetstan

Two examples of a system that's broken: OPINION

SEVERAL incidents in recent weeks have brought home to me just how terrible a job is being done by the current state government.

Case number one: An elderly neighbour goes for a routine mammogram and a lump is found. Awful. She was diagnosed on a Wednesday and scheduled for a mastectomy the following Monday. Advice is given that she abandon the private health insurance she has paid for 40-plus years; the local private hospital doesn't employ a doctor overnight. Any post-surgical complications after a certain hour would result in the patient being transferred to the public hospital by ambulance for treatment. Too bad if the overworked ambos don't front in time.

She is understandably stressed by all that has happened in a short space of time. Then, adding considerably to that stress is the information that she will not know until 8am on the Monday morning whether or not there will be a bed for her in the public hospital, so the op may not be able to proceed. Mercifully it does, and she is sent home the next day because they need the bed for some other poor bugger. She is in her 80s.

Case number two: I receive a call from a friend asking if I would contribute goods to help the many homeless people in our area; while we have enjoyed a relatively mild autumn, winter is not quite so friendly to those with no roof over their head. Of course I say yes; we meet up with the coordinator in a car park to give whatever we could think of that might help. I found a pair of unused tarps in my shed that could double as shelter or ground sheets, about 15 sample toothpaste tubes given to me by my dentist and dozens of miniature toiletries from various stays in hotels (which made me feel terrible, frankly). Added to that was some warm clothing and cheap but useful fleece blankets from the bargain shop in town. Friends concentrated more on food, bringing tinned goods, tubes of condensed milk and packets of soup mix. What do you get for those who have nothing, and nowhere to keep anything?

What I don't understand is this: in this country, in an era when there is so much money, why have we not enough hospital beds, not enough doctors, and people sleeping rough. Meanwhile the Berejiklian government blithely plans to waste millions on moving museums and rebuilding football stadiums. The Sydney GPO was sold in 2017 for a pittance to Singaporean billionaire developers.