Two men break their own dog out of pound

THE owners of a brindle mastiff dog locked up in Mount Morgan pound who set to work to release the pooch and take him home found themselves before a Rockhampton Magistrate yesterday.

Anthony Scott Bayles and Jason Paul Spencer both pleaded guilty to one count each of entering a premises and committing an indictable offence by break after their dog was handed into the pound at 8am on October 26.

The court heard the dog was unregistered and fees applied for its release.

Not wanting to pay any fees, Spencer and Bayles cut a hole in the pound fence with pliers and set the pooch free.

"At 9.30am council officers checked on the welfare of the dog," police prosecutor Danita Clarke said.

"The mastiff was not in the cage."

Ms Clarke said police later attended the men's home where the dog was located in a cage.

"They both like the dog," defence lawyer Matthew Heelan told the court.

"Bayles said it was his dog and he loved it."

Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll did not record any convictions.

"This is very foolish misconduct and poor decision making," he said.

Both men were fined $550 each.