Charlotte Bowman, left, and Jahnessa Jerome, right.
Charlotte Bowman, left, and Jahnessa Jerome, right. QPS Media

Two prisoners have escaped from Numinbah Correctional Centre

LAST night two female prisoners escaped from Numinbah Correctional Centre near the Gold Coast.

Police are looking for two women who escaped from the low custody facility there. 

Charlotte Bowman, 10, and Jahnessa Jerome, 24, were found to be missing before midnight last night.

Bowman is serving one year for common assault and Jerome is serving one year and three months for assaulting police.

Bowman is described as being 160cm tall, weighing 50kg, with fair complexion, hazel eyes and blonde hair.  She has tatoos on each wrist, "CODIE" on the left and "RJB" on the right.

Jerome is described as 173cm tall, weighing 80kg, with dark complexion, brown eyes and dark hair with red throughout. She has two hearts tattooed on her left hand, "DAMIEN" on her left inner forearm and a heart and scrollon her left elbow area.