Ugly, cute or retro: Decor is all a matter of taste

17th July 2017 10:11 AM
FLORAL FANTASY: Is this the world's ugliest couch? Do you think it's worth $10? FLORAL FANTASY: Someone in Byron Bay is looking for a couch put this up as an example of an ugly couch they wanted to purchase and is willing to pay $10 to acquire. Supplied

WHO would buy that?

Let's face it, when trawling through the buy, sell and swap sites on social media, we all shake our heads when some items come up online.

We laugh when some people go overboard when it comes to describing what a dazzling bargain they have found, yet when we buy and then bring home an amazing item, our friends or family can raise an eyebrow at our preferences.

So it it's always refreshing to come across people with a sense of humour, not to mention honesty, when they want obtain or get rid of something clogging up their homes.

Now style is subjective and I'll admit if I had my way at home, then 100% our furnishings would resemble more surfer/op-shop with a hint of garage sale than anything else.

Fortunately, the Kilt Man is there to stop our house being over-run with charity shop finds, and being a carpenter-joiner, he can repair and refurbish the bargains I simply can't live without.

But some days it has been closer than both of us would like.

Take a Byron Bay buyer who advertised they wanted a "Hideous floral/vintage couch", and included a photo to make sure you knew just how low in the style stakes they were willing to drop.

Another seller decided an over-the-top lampshade with leopard print and marabou feather is just the thing to unleash on the world.

And would you pay $!80 for a refrigerator advertising an American liquor?

Or $150 for a red hand chair?

It just goes to show how and diverse our region is when it comes to decor.

Let us know what amazing items you have bought or rejected online, we'd love to see the evidence.

And don't worry, we can change names to protect the guilty!