UK man who blocked speed camera with his boot hailed a hero

A MAN who parked in front of a police speeding camera to block its view with his open boot has been hailed a hero by fellow motorists.

Chris Welford pulled up behind a police van containing the mobile speed gun on a road in Skelton, North Yorkshire, after he had been caught by a similar trap nearby.

The 23-year-old offshore worker said he had an hour to kill and during that time other drivers honked to show their appreciation as he stood next to his car.

"People have been loving it - one person got in touch and said 'Not all heroes wear capes'," he told the Daily Mail.

Mr Welford said Cleveland Police visited him hours later and he may have to go to court for harassment.

He did however claim that he was not confronted at the scene despite a police car driving past.

"At one point an unmarked police car came past with two officers inside," he added.

"But they just looked at me and kept driving. There was at least one officer in the car but he just ignored me.

"The police came around later and I was told I was lucky as I could have been done for harassment. But everyone else was beeping their horns and seemed to support me."

Police Inspector Harry Simpson said those who support the behaviour "don't consider speeding a serious offence".

A spokesperson from Cleveland Police said: "Those who do not agree with speed enforcement will no doubt speed themselves.

"This driver was visited by police and informed if he continues with such obstruction he will be prosecuted for harassment and put before the magistrates' court."