Checklist winners Edwina Griffin and her contest partner Rich Long are thrilled to have experienced the real Australia.
Checklist winners Edwina Griffin and her contest partner Rich Long are thrilled to have experienced the real Australia. Contributed

Uluru awakening for lucky pair thanks to The Checklist

WAKING up to the colours of the Northern Territory sunrise, the sound of wildlife all around and Uluru in the foreground, Edwina Griffin couldn't be further from home.

Getting out of the hustle and bustle of Sydney's was just what the winner of The Checklist needed.

The 39-year-old, originally from Mooloolaba, recently moved to Sydney and, with her fitness buddy Rich Long, took out the Yahoo!7's online series.

Ms Griffin was able to have many once-in-a-lifetime experiences - activities including riding camels around Uluru and quad-bike riding at Kings Creek Station in the Red Centre.

She learnt how to throw spears with an Aboriginal elder and had a 360-degree view of Alice Springs from the top of Kings Canyon.

Tastebuds were tested with some kangaroo meat, wattle seeds and bush tomatoes, and muscles were burning during her mountain bike ride along the sandy Todd River.

But after all this, Ms Griffin was able to relax in a luxury cabin on The Ghan train from the Red Centre to Katherine, where she went kayaking and fishing in the Katherine Gorge.

She couldn't pick out her favourite moment of the entire competition.

"I had an absolute ball the entire time," Ms Griffin said.

"It was an amazing journey with a great group of people.

"There was not one moment that I didn't love.

"Every day was different but awesome.

"There were so many extreme environments and that's what I loved about the NT.

"You never knew what was around the corner."

Ms Griffin said one of the most memorable moments was meeting local tribe elders at Uluru.

"Uluru is definitely absolute centre for me," she said.

"Being able to connect with the local tribe was such a highlight for me.

"Living in big cities, you don't get the opportunity to learn about the land and the local tribe members."

Ms Griffin is going back to the NT as a part of the prize, and said she was going to spend more time with the tribal elders.

"I want to hang out with the Aboriginal elders as there's so much I didn't know," she said.

"There are certain plants you can eat and use for medicine.

"We don't know how to survive in the Australian outback and I'd love to learn a bit more about that."

Ms Griffin said she couldn't have imagined any other person to have as her partner.

"The good thing with Rich is he is really chilled-out and I am high energy and we balance each other out well," she said.

"We knew we work well together and we are both exceptionally competitive."

Ms Griffin said being able to compete in The Checklist was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

"I have always thought that Uluru is such an Australian icon and the Northern Territory has always appealed to me," she said.

"I love adventure and sports and to be able to do this was heaven.

"It pretty well ticked every box for me."


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